ONLY IN THEATERS is an intimate film about the Laemmle Theatres, the beloved 84-year-old arthouse cinema chain in Los Angeles, as they face seismic change and financial pressure. Yet the family behind this multigenerational business – whose sole mission has been to support the art of film – is determined to see it survive. • Feature-Length Documentary • Directed by Raphael Sbarge

• To learn more about the L.A. Premiere, November 18, 2022, click here.


10 DAYS IN WATTS is an intimate docu-series about resilience and hope set in Watts, the most densely populated and underserved 2-square-mile neighborhood in Los Angeles. This penetrating, verité-style piece takes a deep dive into the complex and diverse people who not only survive in Watts, but are committed to seeing their enclave thrive as they open Mudtown Farms, an educational and healing community garden where children and elders gather together to deepen their historical roots.

• PBS KCET Docuseries • Directed by Raphael Sbarge • Air date: February 2023